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27 May 2009 @ 10:22 pm
my haaatttooo makes ice cream.  
Title: My Heart Draws A Dream!
Author: earnestinberlin
Theme: 22. Greed
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: MiyavixBou (main)
Band[s]: Solo Miyavi, Antic Cafe
Disclaimer: My ownership extends this far. I can’t doooo eeet! D:
Comments: I know I know, I left this fanfic for dead again! I am totally sorry guys, I will update faster this time don’t you worry your little butts! XD
Summary: Bou is your not so average cross dressing student who has been going to Holy Garden University for the last two (and a half!) years. All he wants (and needs) is a quiet life and to finally graduate from the horrid school he’s been forced to attend.

Not going to happen to this cross dresser.

Chapitre Un
Chapitre Deux
Chapitre Trois
Chapitre Quatre
Chapitre Cinq
Chapitre Six
Chapitre Sept (Bonus Chapter)
Chapitre Huit
Chapitre Neuf
Chapitre Dix
Chapitre Onze
Chapitre Douze
Chapitre Treize
Chapitre Quatorze
Chapitre Quinze
Chapitre Seize
Chapitre Dix-sept
Chapitre Dix-Huit
Chapitre Vingt
Chapitre vingt-et-un

What Bou had in mind was a huge mansion, like you see in Western movies with many floors and a beautiful garden and long pathway before getting to the house itself. He didn’t expect Doiha to be living in a typical Japanese house; of course it was rather big- no scratch that, it was bigger than the average Japanese house. With the Zen inspired background and the wide and calming pool in the middle of the garden.

Like most traditional houses, Bou had to leave his shoes at the front and wear the slippers that were offered to him. He was assisted by one of the maids who were wearing a kimono, who then led him to where Doiha was.

For the last few days, Doiha hasn’t been attending school and it’s been worrying Bou. He tried contacting him on the second day but it didn’t work. When he finally managed to get his raven haired friend to pick up the phone, the other gave him the address to his house and told him to drop by for some tea and then hand over his assignments.

“Wow... Doiha’s house is so simple...” He couldn’t help but comment; even if it was rather grand the blond couldn’t help but think how simple his friend’s house is compared to the Ore-sama’s. At that comment, the maid glared at him a little bit and he let out a small sound and then bowed and apologized a bit for his rude statement.

“The Young Master is inside the room” the woman said, opening the sliding door to Bou to reveal the place that Doiha has been spending most of his time. He nodded his head and went inside the wide objectless room. Like most of the house, the floors were covered in tatami and had that scent of sweetness to it that made Bou calm for reasons he can’t point out. It must be the whole atmosphere itself, the whole place was rather reserved.

He peeked at Doiha, who seemed to be in the middle of something, sitting on the floor with his eyes closed as if he was in some sort of concentration.

He was sitting on the floor on top of his legs while he had his eyes closed, still as a statue. From where Bou stood, and from how the light that got into the room through the open window, he could almost say Doiha looked so ethereal.

The blond went a little bit closer to the raven haired boy and realized he wasn’t wearing his glasses which actually surprised the femme a bit. He has never seen Doiha without his spectacles, well not long enough anyway.

Doiha was really good-looking.

“Doi-Doiha?” Bou said, as he was about to tap the other boy’s shoulder he stopped short.

Doiha without even looking up at him, without opening his eyes, his hand grabbed for his outstretched one and stopped him. Bou let out a small squeak, not sure how to react, he tried to softly pull away but even then Doiha’s grip seemed to be very strong.

“I don’t really like it when people disturb me, Bou-chan”

“I’m sorry, Doiha” Bou said, looking at his friend, “I was just... you know”

“It’s okay” Doiha said as he let go of the blonde’s hand, he let out a small sigh and pulled his glasses out from his shirt pocket. He put them on before he looked up at the blond with a small smile on his face, “Sorry about that, I don’t really like it when people touch me when I’m in the middle of something”

“No, it’s my bad” Bou bowed a little bit for the raven haired boy, “I mean, I’m really sorry for that. I should’ve waited for you...”

“No, its okay, you’re new here” the other patted his side and motioned for the blond to sit with him, “Oh come here, please sit. It’s hard to having to look up too much”

“I think we should have drinks” Doiha said looking over Bou’s shoulder and did a motion with his hand, trying to tell the maid that was over the door to get them some tea, “Ne-chan, please”

Bou did as he was told and looked around the room, not sure what to expect, “Well... how are you Doiha? You haven’t been attending class; you missed out a lot what happened?”

The raven haired boy shook his head a bit and smiled at the blond, “A lot of personal things I had to attend to... I am the next heir to this family after all”

“Aaaw, really? I didn’t know” Bou nodded his head as he listened to Doiha’s excuse for not attending classes. He looked down inside his bag and then he realized he was missing something, “Oh... hey, Doiha, can I use the comfort room?”

“Call of nature?” Doiha chuckled a little, “Just go out, take a turn to the left and you’ll know where to go. If not, just ask around okay?”

The cross dresser thanked his friend before he went out and followed his instructions but then instead of going to the comfort room he looked at the floors checking if one of his key chains fell on the ground. The femme didn’t really mean to lie to Doiha, but he felt a bit embarrassed having to go out just because a piece of his knick knack went missing.

He can’t help it, that little piece was from Miyavi. The blond didn’t want to lose anything that Miyavi gives him. The little blond cross dresser continued, glancing worriedly over, trying to retrace where ever he went before and checking the floor if it was still there. He would feel sad if he loses that Key-chain- it was a black lollipop, with a white swirly in the middle and some small crystals and a pink ribbon in the middle. Even if it was cheap and Miyavi could easily replace it anytime, the blond didn’t want his now boyfriend to think that his gifts were disposable.

“Ooh... I lost Miyavi’s key-chain” he frowned a little bit when he realized there was no point in trying. Maybe he should mention it later to Doiha, that maid woman might’ve found it. He sighed, took one more hopeful glance at his surroundings and decided to call it quits for the moment.

The blond was about to take the route that would lead him to the bath room, at least making this trip not as useless as he first thought it was going to be. When he realized something he didn’t notice five minutes earlier:

For some reason, the whole place seemed too intricate all of a sudden.

He put a hand on his mouth and realized he forgotten where his original path was. He looked around a bit, the hallways all looked the same but he could still tell that he just got himself in the wrong part of the house. The blonde walked a bit further on, hoping he didn’t get himself too lost inside the house.

He surveyed his surroundings one more time, frowning and slapping himself mentally. He should’ve just told Doiha what he really intended to do. One more time, he looked around a bit and then saw a door. Bou walked to that door, wondering if this was the bathroom he was supposed to be in ten minutes ago. He put his hand on the knob and was about to twist around when a familiar voice stopped him.

“Bou-chan that’s not the bath room”

Bou’s head picked up and he saw Doiha coming for him. The other had changed his shirt for something that looked rather formal, to which Bou raised a questioning brow. The blond let go of the door and turned to face his friend. He looked at his friend, somewhat ashamed of himself, he opened his mouth to talk to his friend when Doiha pushed him aside and checked for the door. He attached his hand on the knob and checked to see if it was still locked.

“Hey!” Bou exclaimed, as he stumbled back when Doiha hit him. He caught himself and the raven haired boy didn’t hit him that bad “Doiha, I’m sorry, I just got a bit lost... I didn’t meant to get you mad-”

“You are not supposed to be here” Doiha said, he grabbed Bou’s hand roughly, “You said you were only going to the bath room, what on earth are you doing there?”

“I told you I got a bit lost...” Bou replied, “I didn’t mean anything bad-”

“You better not do it again... or I’m going to fucking kill you” he threatened in a small voice, in a voice that Bou never heard Doiha use before.

He quickly took his hand from the other’s grasp and stared at him, “Doiha, did you... what did you just say?”

The other boy stopped and looked at his friend, he calmed down a bit and took a deep breath before he started to explain, “Look... Bou-chan... It’s... I’m sorry, I’m just stressed out. You don’t know what’s been going on... I’m just...”

“It’s okay, Doiha” Bou put a hand on his friend’s shoulder, feeling a bit sympathetic and sorry for what he’s done, “I... I mean, I shouldn’t have wandered off like that. You have the right to be mad at me”

Doiha looked at the hand on his shoulder and then at Bou, there was an unreadable expression on his face. He let out a small sound before he turned around to walk back to where they were supposed to be, “Come on... we have to go back, you shouldn’t wander off...”

They walked in silence for a few minutes, Bou following Doiha back to the room. He let Bou go inside the room first before he followed, sliding the door behind them. By the time they got back there was tea waiting for them in the middle of the room, a big old traditional pot with two cups on top of mats were waiting for them.

Doiha offered Bou some tea before pouring himself some. The blond took a generous sip from the drink while he watched his friend, it was really good if he says so himself. He sighed and put the cup back down on its proper matt before he looked at Doiha again.

“Look, no hard feelings okay?” Doiha said, “I mean, I’m really sorry for that... It’s just stuff... and I am just not handling things well...”

“Doiha, you don’t have to explain anything to me” Bou smiled at him; “You know, I should be the one apologizing, really... I mean”

“You two are too much alike” Doiha said in a small voice while he returned Bou’s smile with one of his own, and for some reason, it send some sort of bad signal on the back of the blonde’s head. Bou looked back down at his cup, and stared at what was left of his drink. He could still feel Doiha’s stare at him. He cleared his throat a bit and then pulled his back pack for the other boy’s missed homework, “Oh by the way, I shouldn’t really delay this... so here’s your copy of what we need to do... To be honest, it’s a lot so you really need to catch up and quick”

Doiha looked at the notes in Bou’s hand for a while and didn’t touch it. The blond egged the other boy to take it, with a nervous little smile on his face as he wondered why his friend didn’t seem interested in the notes he had in his hands.

“Doiha, I... bought these for you. You should take it” Bou said, with a brow raised not sure why his friend didn’t take the notes he had in his hands.

The other just rolled his eyes, took the papers from the cross dresser. The femme started to give out instructions while his friend lazily looked over at the pieces of information given to him. Even if he hasn’t known Doiha for a long time, he could seriously tell there was something wrong with the way the boy was acting. That warm demeanour he would usually have is missing. He kept on talking and pointed a bit at the papers, telling Doiha what their teachers were expecting when the raven haired boy let out a small sound before throwing his copies of work over his shoulder.

“Doiha! What’s wrong with you?” the blond shouted, “You didn’t have to do that!”

“You’re back with Miyavi aren’t you?”


“You and Miyavi, you’re a couple again, aren’t you?” the raven haired boy said, making the question a little bit longer for the other.

“What kind of question is that?!” Bou looked at the Doiha angrily.

“It’s a simple yes or no question” Doiha said, before he stood up and walked away from the blond, stepping on the copied notes for him. The cross dresser looked at his friend, his face set in an undignified glare while he tried to comprehend what was going on. The other boy has never acted like this before, when they were in school, he was nice to him. And he would go out of his way for him, but now that they were completely alone he was a complete dick.

“Why do you need to know that? It has nothing to do with you did!” Bou stood up, glowering from his friend’s treatment, “You know if you didn’t want to work now, all you had to do was just tell me and I’ll let you fail, fine!”

“Oh you don’t know” Doiha turned his back on Bou, “This conversation has a lot to do with him”

“What do you mean by that?” the blond asked.

“Miyavi doesn’t deserve someone like you, Bou-chan” Doiha turned back and looked down at Bou.

Bou stood up and glared at the other boy, who continued to look at him in that strange way, “What do you mean! How dare you say something like that? Miyavi... he’s special to me, Doiha... I know what I said before... and besides, did you want us be together? What’s wrong Doiha?”

“Good night Bou-chan”

“What?” Bou looked baffled at this statement; he glowered at his friend and then started “Why are you...”

Before he could finish his sentence, Bou felt his knees weaken and before he could do anything he fell fast to the floor. Doiha didn’t even do anything, just stand there and stare while he let his friend tumble down to the floor. The raven haired boy went down and picked up the cup right beside Bou’s sleeping body, seeing it fall sideway.

He stared at the blond breathing before he sighed and said to the other, “You really are a fucking idiot, Bou-chan”


The airport was a very huge place, a huge mix of people from different countries running around back and forth; aided by whatever made up their Japanese literacy to go around the place. Some managed and others had to go and look for the help desk to move around the places. Sleek and clean, with the prestige of an international airport, in the middle of all these stands a couple.

A strange yet beautiful looking woman wearing a dress that certainly didn’t belong to this period of time with light make up on her face; she was wearing shoes that were too tall for normal standards. And her dark brown hair was all tidied up in a simple bun leaving a few strands on the side of her face. She was holding on to a small bag while looking around the huge place. Beside her was a blond man who could’ve been taller than the woman if it weren’t for the boots that boosted her height. His blue eyes scanned the airport tiredly and sighed.

“Gackt” Mana looked away from Gackt, he didn't want to have this conversation again as much as Gackt. But he doesn't want to force his brother into something as big as this, “Look, you don’t have to go, I can do this on my own-”

“We’re already here, don’t make this hard for me”

“I know Japan is where you belong, stay here. With them, with your friends-”

“I don’t need friends” the blond said, “Not when I still have you”

Mana sighed and let go of Gackt’s hand, “Gackt, this is not what you want”

“I made up my mind”

“Five minutes”

“What?” the older boy said, while he stared at his half brother's back.

“You have five minutes to talk to your friends before we leave” Mana turned to face his older brother, gave him a sweet smile while pointing over the other’s shoulder. Gackt followed the direction where Mana was pointing and he couldn’t help but be shocked at what he was seeing. There were his friends, Miyavi, Sugizo and Yoshiki; all standing and waiting for him with grins on their faces. Gackt looked back at his cross dressing brother and all Mana could do was push him to them, “You owe them a good bye”

He sighed, annoyed at what he had to do, but if this is the only way to get them off his back then so be it. The blond took to them while his brother waved a bit at him and reminded him again that they will be leaving in a few minutes.

“What are you guys doing here?” Gackt looked at them one by one. Miyavi who was grinning cheekily at him, Sugizo lifted his hand as if to greet him while a cigarette hanged by his mouth and Yoshiki looked at him warmly, as if meeting him for the first time in years.

“We just wanted to say Good bye idiot” the ore-sama joked, trying to sound tough even though he feels that small bit of pain seeing one of his dearest friends leave Japan.

“Okay, then say it”

“Whoa, Gackt, don’t be so heartless!” Sugizo said, patting the other’s shoulder, “We’re all friends, if you haven’t forgotten...”

“Yeah, don’t be such an asshole... especially on your last day here” Yoshiki added, crossing his arms over his chest, like always Gackt will always be the silent bastard of the group. But if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t exactly be who he is, “We just... we didn’t want you to leave us without at least this”

Gackt shook his head and looked at each of them, then stopped at Miyavi, “So, you’re supposed to be different”

“Really? Who says?” the ore-sama asked with a brow raised.

“I don’t know...” the blond shrugged his shoulders. He took a small glance at the two playboys who were playing innocent, looking at other directions while pretending they didn’t hear what the other boy said. He let out a small sound and prevented himself from rolling his eyes, “But from how I’m hearing it, it seems like they really just can’t stop on how you... grew up”

Miyavi looked at Gackt couldn’t help but be full of pride. The rather eccentric member of the group was smiling at him, and there was something in that smile of his... It was almost as if he was proud of the tall ore-sama standing there trying to hold back his usual tirade of expletives.

“Well, times changed... I guess” were the only words that went out of his mouth, Miyavi looked at Gackt with a small grin, “And it’s time, I stop making you into my personal nanny, right?”

“Hey, stop hogging Gackt all to yourself, you idiot!” Sugizo said, playfully pushing away the ore-sama, “We want to say goodbye to him too, you know!”

“So you’re really leaving?” Miyavi couldn’t help but ask, for some reason it was just now that fact slapped him hard across the face. The last few weeks had him blissfully ignoring but now that it was right in front of them, it was just getting a bit hard for him, “I mean, France is fucking cold... You might not like it there”


“Aaaw, the baby is feeling all bad” their red haired friend teased while he put an arm over Miyavi’s shoulders, “Don’t worry, we’ll be good to you! Right, Yoshiki?”

Yoshiki couldn’t help but laugh he turned away from them and directed his attention to Gackt, “Hey, do you mind a question before you leave us all here?”

“Yes. No. No. Maybe, but that was because they gave you caviar instead” Gackt replied automatically, answering all the questions that he knows his companion would ask, “And if I did miss anything, that girl’s name was Hitomi. No, I don’t know her favourite position and no, I haven’t seen her naked”

“Well, that’s amazing” Yoshiki chuckled, shaking his head. Gackt really has a wonderful memory, but those weren't the answers he was looking for “And well, just so you know, her name was Mai... You got me on everything but you missed one question though”

“Mai? I swear her name was Hitomi” Gackt looked at the other blond, wondering how on earth he could miss that, “Well, shoot, what’s the question?”

“Reverse; what does it mean?” he asked, looking at Gackt straight in the eyes, determined to get pass through those orbs of his.

“What do you think it means?” Gackt shot back, and it was that little sneaky part of him that they all hated, “I suggest you look at the dictionary”

“No, Gackt, you know what we mean” Sugizo added, wanting to know what the other blond meant when he said that word, “Just... spare us the trouble already-”

“It’s closer than you think” the blond sighed when he realized that they really didn’t seem to get it. He scanned their faces and knew that instead of seeing clear expressions of Eureka, all he got were the obvious looked of bafflement. He couldn’t help but smile a little at their expense, he had to admit leaving hieroglyphics wasn’t the best thing, but he wasn’t going to be there when everything happens. Like always, when their mouths were open for more questions the voice above their heads announced something about a certain flight number and Gackt knew their fifteen seconds was up. “Well, that’s my cue, guys... I don’t think I can answer anymore questions”

“Gackt!” Miyavi shouted, he grabbed his friend’s front before he could turn away, “What do you mean reverse?! Does it have anything to do with what happened to me and Bou?!”

And this time, Gackt couldn’t help but be a little bit surprised; his stoic mask falling off for a moment before he slipped it back on so he can ask, “Did something happen between you two?”

“That’s not the point Gackt!” Miyavi said rather desperately, “Do you know anything about this?”

Gackt looked down at the ground, not sure how he’s going to say what he was going to say. He looked at his companions, at Sugizo and Yoshiki and then finally at Miyavi.

“Guys, I wish I could... but I-”

“Gackt!” Mana called out for his brother, making some heads turn his way. The cross dresser raised an arm and waved it a bit, trying to tell Gackt that they really need to go.

Without another word, Gackt turned away, leaving the three boys behind stunned and speechless. For a while, Miyavi was in a dazed but he shook himself and chased the blond and grabbed his shoulder, “Fuck it Gackt, what is it that you can’t tell me?! Gackt, just one more time. Before you go. I need your help...”

“I’m sorry Miyavi” Gackt said in a small voice, “You made him your enemy. I wish I could help you but... I have to go” He shook the other’s hand off his shoulder and continued to walk to his half brother.

He left Miyavi standing there, giving the ore-sama more questions instead of answers.


Mana waved at the three boys, giving them a kind smile while Gackt walked to him. He looked at the expression on his brother’s face and then felt a bit concerned, he put a hand over his cheek and looked at him, “Is anything the matter Gackt?”

“N-Nothing Mana...” Gackt leaned on to his brother’s hand and closed his eyes. For the first time in a very long while, Gackt felt his heart beat running too fast. He bit his lip and almost felt like he was going to cry, “I... I should’ve... I should’ve...”

“What’s wrong Gackt?” Mana asked worriedly, hugging his brother a bit closer.

“Miyavi did this to himself” he looked at Mana, “He bought this on himself, it’s not my problem, right?”


“Just... please... He bought this on himself, there’s nothing I can do” Gackt leaned on Mana’s shoulder, “I love you Mana, I love you, just please... Tell me I’m doing the right thing. Please.”

“We better go now, okay?” Mana kissed Gackt, his hands on his cheeks while he tried to calm his brother down. He let go and looked at the tall blond, “Whatever you do today, it is your choice. And whatever choice you make... you know I'm just standing right beside you”

Gackt let out a small chocked sound before he wrapped his arms around Mana, pulled him close to him and cried silently on his shoulder.


“That didn’t go according to plan” Yoshiki scratched the back of his head while he looked at them. Gackt flat out refused to help them, and they couldn’t understand why. Even if all Gackt gave them were cryptic messages, at least he would put his two cents and make the problem somewhat easier for them, “I think Gackt knows something about this”

“You know before... “ Miyavi tried to rack his brain when but a date wouldn’t present itself, he bit his lip and looked at them, “Gackt warned me... he said I was making grave enemies. I don’t know when, but I remember his words, he said I should be careful, but he never told me what or who”

“Guys, I know this is far-fetched and I know this just fucking jumping... but have you ever thought of that Doiha boy that hangs around with Bou too much?”

“What?!” Yoshiki looked at the redhead, “Why would you say that? I mean, just because he’s Bou-chan’s friend... I mean, if that was the case, then how about Miku then, huh?”

“Hey, come on Yosh... I mean, it doesn’t hurt to check a bit right?”

Miyavi’s lip curled as he listened to the two talk; he didn’t know what else to add the conversation. He looked down at the floor, wondering if he could find the answers there when his mobile rang. He turned away from his two babbling friends as he picked it up, not checking the number as he greeted the person on the other end.


Sugizo looked and saw Miyavi with his back on them, his ear glued to the phone. He looked at the ore-sama and then called out his name. “Hey, Miyavi, what... who was that?”

“It’s... it’s nothing guys” the ore-sama replied in a serious voice. The two looked at him suspiciously, but he waved it off and said, “Look... something came up... I have to go, I can’t stay long. I’m sorry, okay?”

The tall boy walked as fast as he can without giving any more explanations to his behaviour. Yoshiki looked at Sugizo and the other did otherwise, the blond opened his mouth to speak, “You think it’s serious?”

Sugizo didn’t know what to say, he bit his lip and sighed. Why everything was so complicated all of sudden?


Tetsu was washing his hands in the comfort room; he was also at the airport. In an hour, he’ll be leaving for New York with his brother and so far, there nothing to stop him from riding that plane. It’s been weeks since he’s last had that voice at the back of his head, and he hopes it is a good sign. He didn’t want to leave with troubled thoughts.

He didn’t look up when he heard the door of rest room open- it wasn’t exactly the most abnormal thing in the world. Well not that part anyway. He pulled his hands away from the wet waters after getting them clean and reached out for a towel to dry his hands with. The problem started though when he looked at the mirror and saw that it was that entered the comfort room.

He froze.

“Ogawa? Ogawa, Tetsuya, am I right?”

Tetsu’s eyes widened when he heard his name. It can’t be.

It was him.

A/N: I AM SO SORRY. REALLY. I FEEL BAD FOR YOU GUYS. D: I mean shit happened.I don't want to talk about that. =o= People are stupid sometimes! D: BUT BUT BUT BUT~

Don’t worry! I think I can update more often now. Well... since I have more time to think and I can finally plotted out what’s going to happen next! Yeay! Hurray for me! You know, the problem with Shounen-ai and Yaoi fiction is that there’s too many male characters. Him could be anybody in the story! XDD I know the first scene is a bit weird. @.@ Um bear with it. I'm not into beta ing and stuff...

What’s going to happen now! Ooooooh ~ *dances like a flower in the wind*

I'm going to make a side story that is sorta related to this but not quite. You guys guess which pairing. ^^ And to some who can actually tell where this is going, please shush! You don't want to spoil the surprise! x3
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Next Chapter Link

Well, ^^ Thank you for reading. There's the link to the next chapter, I hope you like. ^^
hyprakktivhyprakktiv on May 28th, 2009 03:14 pm (UTC)
OKay... Hang on... *shuffles though papers*
I totally printed this out last night and took it to my class to read and shoved comments in the margins because i'm a total nerd like that. XDD

1. Doiha...! What did you do...?! You were on the list of my nyappy charas until I read that!
But due to the distance in his demeanor when Bou visited him, I can't really say that I'm super surprised. Just shocked that it was so dramatic and that I never suspected Doiha until this chappie.

2. I love how you describe Mana. Like for real. I think you've done it twice before in this series, but I adore it every time. And I like how we were just talking about Mana having an overly deep voice.

3. And Gackt's a total trouble maker... *twitch*

Oh the suspense!!
Very exciting and I'm always waiting for the next one and you know that. :3 <33

PS-- Don't think I ever mentioned this before but your english is pretty much perfect save for tenses in a few places, but even with people that have english as their first language mess that up always. *thumbs up* XD
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Guess what I am ^^

To be honest, i feel very flattered. ^^ I really do.

1. Hahaha! I actually thought Doiha was blaringly obvious...

2. Oh you don't know how much I adore Mana, he's just the definition of beauty- well, okay, not exactly but I really like him. And man, xD That voice of his kinda killing me. It kind of hard reading stories about Mana making out with other people because like... How does he sound moaning? That is just creepy. xDD

3. Hahaha! There's a reason why Gackt should be with Mana~<3

Aaaw, I don't really think my English is the best. I mean... I think I suck at the language and stuff. : P
renai21 on May 30th, 2009 02:12 am (UTC)
ohhhh, so Doiha is the bad guy? :o To say the true I was already expecting that from the last chapter,but still made me angry the way he treated lil' Bou-chan ò.ó if your problem is with Miya, then take it to Miya! Poor Bou. At leas her shining knight is coming to her rescue XD (like if that girl needed help to kick some asses lol)

Ahaha, don't worry for the late updated, the important thing is keep writing. If you have rushed then maybe you wouldn't come out with this brilliant chap ^O^ ohhhh I'm waiting for more MiyaxBou fluff!!! Oh, and I have a question. Would you make Miku have some involvement with Sugiza like in the original? I liked the idea, but in the other hand I want Miku happy, and Yuki didin't end up very well. LoL I made no sense.

This chapter was amazing!!! keep the good work. Make Bou beat Doiha up (and maybe a miya a bit for the old good times!)

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Here I am!

Hahaha, really. It's just something bad happened to me. And it kinda is hard to get over it, so I was like, "Why look down when you can just write fanfics to make it all better right?" Don't worry, we are going to have some MYVxBou fluff soon! Just we have to get past the hurdle! ^^

I was actually thinking of that! No really! I mean, maybe as a side story because in the original story... AAAH. No I shouldn't say too much! xD
renai21 on May 30th, 2009 06:48 pm (UTC)
Well, I hope writing can help you feel better and work things out. At least, clear your mind a bit.

Goooooooood I love your fluff. But actually I liked too the "action" scenes, so I waiting for the whole fic. And about Miku and Sugiza, I want to read that sidestory 8D enven if comes out anguish. Because the two of them are good secondary character.

I hope things will work out for you :) and things don't turn bad. best wishes and lot of hugs :)